How ERP Solutions Improve Supply Chain Management

Enterprise Resource Planning is a management system which helps businesses manage their activities in a systematic and coordinated way. Using ERP solutions, it gets easy to manage the supply chain system of an organization. Supply chain management is a process of managing the activities such that the supply of required products reaches the company’s end users in an orderly manner. Here are ways in which ERP solutions integrate supply chain management:

ERP solutions help reduce costs

One of the main functions of supply chain management is purchasing which involves identifying the right suppliers and establishing a good relationship with them. Supply chain management software makes it easy to identify suitable suppliers; establish good relationships with them and secure products at competitive prices. Further, it facilitates saving of time to the extent that it helps integrate planning and purchase activities.

Higher level of customer satisfaction

Going for a product which is cheaper and has lesser quality can be frustrating for a businessman. So maintaining a good relationship with the suppliers is the best way to ensure the maximum amount of customer satisfaction in terms of pricing and delivery time. This helps organizations deliver the products in time. Further, the erp oracle netsuite are able to integrate different levels of customer satisfaction, i.e., pricing, delivery time etc. This ensures that the right product is purchased and delivered at the right price at the right time.

Increased profitability

Businesses struggle to secure a good market share as they struggle to pass on their lower costs due to ineffective supply chain management. The ERP solutions make it easier to identify the right suppliers and negotiate prices. Also, they allow businesses to manage their inventory levels with accuracy, which results in higher profitability.

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Minimizing the impact of delay in delivery

Supply chain management is an ongoing process, wherein the system’s performance is affected by a number of factors. Many suppliers suffer from delay in delivering products and hence there is a risk of late delivery. This affects customer satisfaction and negatively impacts profitability. So to avoid this, businesses should opt for ERP solutions which can integrate supply chain management and keep track of the progress involved. This helps businesses manage their risks well which in turn increases profitability.

Restructuring of administrative responsibilities

ERP solutions integrate supply chain management and helps organizations reduce the role of middle managers and supervisory personnel further. It reduces the role of middle managers and supervisory personnel and helps in restructuring administrative tasks. This ensures that companies have the right information at an instant to make strategic decisions which ultimately increases profitability.